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Interview Justin Maina


Justin Maina

Interview Justin Maina
15 April, 2010  |  15 comments  |  Interviews

Height: 5’9”
Bodyweight: 155lbs
Bodyfat % :  6%
Age: 24

1. Furiously Fit:  Justin do you feel like your fitness can always be improved? Considering the fitness level you are at, can it be taken to a higher level?

Fitness is a lifestyle choice. I need to constantly be on top of my diet and exercise regime or my body won’t perform and look like it should. So yes, my fitness will always have room for improvement, because as I age, the battle to keep a healthy lifestyle will obviously become more challenging. My goal is to always set my fitness goals high, and if I start to slack, my workout buddies make sure to remind me!

2. Furiously Fit: What have you sacrificed to get to the level of fitness you are at right now?

My sacrifice has been to limit my junk food intake and require myself to have an active lifestyle, even when I don’t feel like it. Fortunately, I love keeping active and working out! I think to myself, “Why do many people look up to fitness models?” It’s because they have sacrificed something that most people have not. For me, the sacrifice is saying NO to what feels good and doing what is good for my body.  My willpower to maintain my level of fitness outweighs my body’s desire to slack on diet and physical activity. Although sacrifice is never easy, it is achievable! If you want it bad enough, you will get to your preferred fitness level just as I did.

3. Furiously Fit: What is the superfood you rely on for energy? What is your favorite breakfast

I don’t have a superfood that I rely on, but rather any high protein drinks that taste good. Actually, just a few weeks ago I did a commercial for Muscle Milk, which I like. If I have enough protein and a few carbs in my system, I’ll have plenty of energy for any extreme activity. My favorite breakfast is a homemade Frittata.

4. Furiously Fit: What do you tell yourself when you’re too exhausted to go to the gym? What quote motivates you.

“Get your fat ass to the gym!” I say that to myself or my best friend and trainer, Dana says the same. I currently don’t have a quote that motivates me, but I know the simple fact is that I need to work out, (even when I don’t feel like it) to keep my body ready for any last minute photo shoot.

5. Furiously Fit: What has motivated you to have the body you have today?

Being only 5’9”, I’m limited in my modeling opportunities such as runway. To make up for this disadvantage, I want to have my body in the best possible shape to stand out in the crowd of “shorter models!” Being in top physical condition is simply more marketable.

6. Furiously Fit: What is the fitness training routine that you use to achieve your goals.

As a licensed massage therapist, actor and model my schedule is constantly changing, and so does my routine. My “Beach Workout” differs from a traditional training routine in the gym.

I do a non-stop cycle of jogging, running, sprint drills and acrobatic sequences on the sand (including backflips, frontflips, handstand pushups and one legged squats). This extreme workout ranges from 60 to 90 minutes with very little rests in-between. I also run, workout at the gym 3-4 days a week, jump on a trampoline, do pull-ups and use a Total Gym at home.

7.Furiously Fit: Is it difficult to maintain your physique?

I’m always monitoring my physique, but I am blessed with a fast metabolism. If I want to be more cut, I become more active and watch my diet. It’s difficult at times to train when my body feels weaker or when I have a strong craving for unhealthy food, but I for the most part manage to eat right. However, in preparing for a photoshoot or competition, I limit my carb intake, maintain a higher protein diet and workout more extreme.

8. Furiously Fit: What are your 3 favorite exercises?

1.) Acrobatic sequences (a running round off into 10+ back handsprings into a high back tuck).

2.) Chin-ups with a 45lbs weight belt.

3.) Handstand pushups.

9. Furiously Fit: Has your level of fitness ever helped you out of an unpredictable situation?

Actually last month in March, 2010 I was boating by myself and the wind picked up and the current was strong. On my way back to my dock the boat died and I had to try for awhile to get the boat started before running into another dock. I fortunately got the boat started and knew that there was a problem with the boat and needed to get home immediately. I was approaching my dock when the boat died again and I was too far to reach the dock and knew I would not have another chance to get the boat started. I nearly ran into the neighbors boat and dock and then would have been stuck! So I ran to the front of the boat and simultaneously grabbed the bow rope and jumped off the boat as far as I could to hopefully reach the dock. I did, but barely! And I had to quickly climb up the dock and pull the boat against the current towards the dock before the rope slipped from my hands. It was a moment that I will forever remember and fortunately had the ability, strength and God’s grace to keep this a fun story rather than a disaster!

10. Furiously Fit: How has your training developed you into the actor you are today?

My training has helped me land bookings with various photographers. Working with different clients has taught me to open up more and express myself better on camera. As a result, I have broadened my acting ability.

11. Furiously Fit: Do you take any supplements?

No. I simply make protein drinks and take creatine on occasion.

12. Furiously Fit: What motivates you to push yourself to the limit?

I have always been an extreme competitor and don’t like being limited in any area of life. If I push myself to the limit, I perform and compete at optimal levels!

13. Furiously Fit: Who inspired you as a fitness model, professional athlete, or body builder.

Rusty Joiner and Brad Pitt inspire me the most.

14.  Furiously Fit: If you had 3 statements to make to a guy that came to you seeking professional fitness advice, what you would tell him?

1.) Look through some fitness magazines for a guy who has a similar shape and body structure. Use this guy’s photos to motivate you as to what you could look like if you want it bad enough. Study his workout and diet advice.

2.)  Take authority over your eating habits and commit TODAY to start making healthy choices. Avoid fast food, limit your carbs, no snacking after 8 or 9pm and perform physical activity 3 to 4 times a week (weights, aerobics, etc.)

3.) Find a friend to hold you brutally and honestly accountable for your new plan to a fit lifestyle.

15. Furiously Fit: Is there anything you would like to add for the readers in this interview?

You only live once. If you have dreams, pursue them now, no matter how far from reach they may seem. Make sure your attitude is in a healthy place and share your dreams with friends and work together to achieve them. “In life you always have a choice; choose to do your best, and know that God will take care of the rest!” Remember, we are a body, mind, soul and spirit. It is important that we nurture all parts equally.

16. Furiously Fit: As a fierce model and rising actor, do you think it could have been accomplished without dedication to fitness? Why or why not?

My success is partially due to my perseverance to fitness and mostly credited to my faith in Jesus Christ. If it were not for His timing, I would have been consumed by the industry and become a self-absorbed model/actor. I need my life on track with God first, then He will allow doors to open at just the right time. I began a genuine Christian lifestyle around the age of 16 and since then, I have experienced a more peaceful way of life. And that’s what I’m living today!

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